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Harpist NI Les MageeLast Sunday saw me driving to Galgorm Spa and Resort yet again for the spring bridal fayre...and what a fayre it was!!!
Boot full of harpie and various other props needed for the day. Sun shining so who could complain.
So on arrival of course, I couldnt wait to sneak a wee peek here.... 
Harpist NI Les MageeOf course its the wonderfully romantic
(shhhh...its my fabourite part of the whole
complex...just sayin!)
The atmosphere is so well set right, from the
gorgeous lanterns twinkling in the door way..
But I was interested to see exactly what
                                                                                                              was inside this time....
Ni Harpist es Magee
So no big disappointments     
isnt this so beautiful
dressed by
Wedding Harpist NI Les Magee                                               
This attention to detail
is what I love...
Opulance all the way..
Ni Wedding Harpist Les Magee
So its over to The Great Hall...and who is the first person
that I manage to bump into?
The Wonderful James Robinson...who
by the looks of it...is giving up his day job..to come and
join me as a duo...LOL (J/k of course!)
Just one of the top people who work at the resort...and
will work so hard to make your day super perfect...
Harpist Ni Les Magee
Great Hall upstairs
dressed by
Flowers by SALLYS
NI Harpist Les Magee
Oh....and who did I meet at the bottom of the stairs
who is a close-up magician..
great idea to keep the guests entertained during the drinks
Harpist NI Les MAgee
Hmmm...all the nice things were at the bottom of the stairs...including this cake of cheese...and it tasted delicious as well....
great idea if you are not into a sweet wedding cake and prefer savoury...
Ice sculptures at galgorm Resort
So heres a novel idea to meet
and greet your guests....
ice sculptures...
what a fabulous company.
They can make alsorts of
bespoke themes
They can also freeze your tableplann into a block of ice...
 be glad to offer something
exciting for the big day!
Wedding Harpist NI Les Magee Cameoflage
Hmmm....whos this?
Galgorms very own talented chef..
or is it???
Watch closely as this guy
takes all your guests by
surprise with a totally
amazing voice....
Wedding Harpist NI Les Magee Cameoflage
Minutes later and here he is strutting his stuff....
apols about the blurred piccie
as he moves around soooo fast!
fabulous act altogether
Really fabulous and very funny!
Ni Harpist Les Magee Arco String Quartet
Now, whilst we are on the subject of class entertainments....these guys need no introduction...they are perfection on strings!!!
I love love love listening to them....they have a huge repertoire for every occasion and will get the house rockin if you so desire as well.....
NI harpist Les MAgee Arco String Quartet
check out their website and also their various utubes...
just all round beautiful music by beautiful
people !!
Harpist NI Les Magee
Then there was that
beautiful pink and
pastels decor
love this
just my style
NI Harpist Les MAgee
Lush flowers by
Sallys Floral to compliment the room...
Love this totally....
Harpist NI Les Magee
So...in between talking to
potential brides and grooms I had to do another wee
sneak peek over to the
          GHOST HOUSE
and I just spied this wee
bride and groom arm in arm
pacing up the aisle together
melt of heart......
Beautiful venue with woodburning 
Galgorm Resort Ghost House
Just lovely...with room
enough for my Harpie to
bump up the romance..!!!
NI Harpist Les MAgeePhew ...after all of that I was exhausted....its a wonder i had time for the harpie gal at all....of course Idid... and here she is herself
at the top of the stairs!
It was a fabulous day...one of the busiest I have seen at the resort..with all staff working extra hard to show brides and grooms what it has to offer...
My connection with Galgorm goes back lots of years...to when I was a student and the Hotel was lots smaller...and I was their pianist on the weekends....it was a great place then.....but now....well....its just total FAB......!
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